Welcome to Diva's Vault Facebook 1-Hour Live Fashion Sale.

To ensure this experience is a success for all parties, please read the description/instructions and its entirety. 

Once live is scheduled, you will be able to reschedule once is unable to fulfill. Ensure admin is notified. 

*Live sales are NOT to exceed 60 minutes. You may begin conducting your live 10 minutes prior to scheduled start time to provide viewers with information pertaining to your show. 

*Please conduct your live in a professional manner. 

*Maintain a clean appearance and background. 

*Make sure sound and lighting are good. 

*NO music. 

*NO calling out ghosters.

Be sure to follow Diva's Vault business page prior to going live. 

DM Admin your promo 48-72 hours prior to your scheduled live date. Admin will NOT contact you requesting these items. 

*If at any point during your live, you are unable to use your bot and need the platform Live Assistant, there will be a $10 charge. 

*Live results will be messaged 10-15 minute after live ends. 

*The results will contain your sales report, comments and email addresses.

*Notify Admin of any ghosts/unpaid invoices. (Must have sent reminder and messaged/emailed buyer prior to notifying Admin). 

If any other questions, comments or concerns, DM Admin or email: contact@divasvault@.com

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Much Success, Diva!!